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Approach Your Goals With a New Perspective

Let's rewire your mindset and arm you with the right knowledge to create success


Hi I’m Aoife


I am a Life Coach based in Dublin, I work with clients through one to one coaching sessions to help them create

and design their path forward to success.


As a Life Coach, It cripples me to see people not following their true passions because of fear of failure or judgment. This is normal, you’re not alone in feeling this way. But that’s what I am here to help you with, to overcome those fears and learn how to deal with and understand your emotions.

Create a vision beyond fear and to help shake you out of the state of

‘No, I’m not unhappy..but, I suppose not really 'truly' happy either’ 

You deserve to invest in yourself and be 100% happy in your life 

Ask Yourself These Questions

Most might ask, what does success look like for you? But what someone in life coaching is going to ask you is, what does success FEEL like for you?


Close your eyes and feel this for me.


  • Can you ever just relax, and be calm?


  • Can you manage those stressful thoughts in a healthy way when things don’t go the way you planned?


  • What do you say and believe about yourself?


  • If your thoughts were projected onto a big screen for everyone to see, would you be happy with what is says?


  • How does that region around your heart feel?


  • Do you feel understood, valued, content, and loved, not only by others but by yourself?

  • Are you in tune with your instincts?


  • Do you listen to that deep feeling in your gut? Do you follow it?


  • Do you have the ability to feel what is a good or bad decision? More importantly, do you have the confidence to follow and act on those feelings?


How I Can Help

Life coaching
Life coaching

My responsibility in life coaching is to share my knowledge, skills, tools, techniques that I’ve personally gone through and learned.


We then incorporate your goals, your ideas of success, your actions into this framework and co-create a path to achieve success.

Path Creation

Work Together

Insight into understanding and then managing your thoughts and beliefs. (Thoughts create emotions, emotions create behaviours and behaviours create your reality).


Getting familiar with what you really and truly value, at your core

(Because if you take time to understand what you truly value in this life, and you base your decisions on honouring those values, you will make the most confident decisions of your life. They are coming from a place of alignment , you'll notice they just feel right)


Embracing challenge and adopting a growth mindset (Failure is not a setback, it’s a chance to re-evaluate and learn from mistakes)


Learn what ticks you off and Identifying what boundaries you need to set to create the perfect space for success. Understanding and utilizing the skills, tools, and techniques you learn and implement them into all areas of your life.


This will be the most important thing you ever do to create a life that you have complete control and power over.

Life coaching


Life coaching


Life coaching dublin

Self Knowledge

Life coaching in dublin


Life coaching dublin


Life coaching dublin

Growth Mindset

Life coaching dublin


'I cannot recommend Aoife highly enough. Aoife has been working with me while I negotiate a new direction in my life. Her communication skills are so impressive in helping me work out where I want to go. I cannot praise her highly enough;. 

- Helen B

'Aoife is a very skilled coach. I gained so much insight and learned so much about myself and the goals I wanted to achieve during our sessions. She is an excellent life coach. I would highly recommend her'.

- Marina S

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