A Bit About Me

My name is Aoife Loftus and I am a life coach that works with people that want to re-define their meaning of

success, and help them kickstart into action and achieve their goals!

I have always been fascinated with the world, the brain, science, space and how 'it' all works, a nerd at heart! Alongside that I was always intrigued with alternative medicines, I would always opt for a weird and wacky treatment over a conventional doctor. 

I began meditating and took up yoga, my passion instantly ignited once I started learning about the

energy centers in the body and making these the main focus of my meditation and yoga sessions.

Energetically, I began to feel like a magnet for the things that I wanted and desired. This stuff actually


Untortunately, one thing that felt out of alignment was the 9-5 slog, it wasn’t for me, it never was. For me,

it felt soul-destroying, but the fear of change and the fear of upsetting those around me kept me there.

Intrinsically I knew that I couldn’t do it anymore, I felt constantly disheartened and my gut feeling was

screaming at me to create my own path, leave the job, and blaze my own trail, be your own boss!

So that’s what I did. I left.

Sooooo, now what..?

I had heard some murmur of life coaching, as nervous as I was, I decided to give one session a go.


Life Coaching was the perfect blend of science and spirituality.

It all made perfect logical sense but yet it was all about being in touch with who you are.


The coach helped me detangle all the thoughts about what I wanted to do. It felt good to talk about it and have somebody actually listen to me with no judgment. The coach asked some powerful thoughtful questions that made me view my situation from a whole new perspective.

One quote that always stuck with me was

‘sometimes we can run away from ourselves when we are running around in our own head, we can distract ourselves and stay busy, and then when we sit here together in the coaching space the spotlight is on you, it's an opportunity for these thoughts to be verbalised and worked through’.

I enlisted in a diploma course in life coaching with neuroscience that same day.


As a coach I understand the emotions that you as the client are going through because the groundwork of coaching is all the same, whether you are training to be a coach or a client

going through the process to achieve your goal, being a coach just happened to be my goal.

During the process you are forced to look at:

Your true beliefs about yourself

Whether you are honouring or not those things that you say are most important to you

Setting boundaries (which is so uncomfortable, but so necessary)

Question are you listening to yourself or are you so disconnected to what your body and the whole system are trying to tell you, that that’s how you ended up wandering so far off the path that was meant for you?

We are wired as humans to resist change, there's a term for it called homeostasis. This is when old ways of being are undone but new ways of being have not yet been embedded, it is very easy to slip back into the familiar. 

It's normal. I felt it 100 times over, and still do

And my job as a coach is to help you understand that, realize when it is happening, normalise it, and continue to grow despite the resistance. 

Freedom and confidence.


The freedom to take on whatever challenge or goal you like with the confidence to know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to! As cliché as it sounds, you really can.


My work focuses heavily on rewiring your mindset, and how to hack the chemicals in your brain to feel however you want or need to feel almost instantly!


Coaching helped me to know myself, prioritize myself, and know my true value. I’ve found my passion. Let’s find yours.

The End Result



  • Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience


  • Accreditation by the WACN (world association of coaching with neuroscience)


  • Bachelor Honours Degree in Social Care


  • Advanced Certificate in Mindfulness Skills for Individuals


  • Advanced Certificate in Teaching Mindfulness to Young Learners and Teenagers


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