Frequently asked life coaching questions

So what happens, how does it all work?

We will have our initial no obligation discovery call.
If we decide that we would like to work together and you would like to go forward with my life coaching. I will send you on my contract and a couple exercise I would like you to complete before our first session. Fun exercise, ones that immediately help you get a better understanding of yourself and ones that are going to be helpful and relevant throughout the coaching process together. Then we begin our life coaching sessions. I will leave the time scale up to you and what suits you best.
Ideally, we will meet over zoom every one or two weeks. I wouldn’t recommend leaving it any longer as the more momentum and flow we can get moving towards your goal the better.
Each week/second week we will meet online for a 60-minute coaching session.

What is expected of me during our sessions?

Willingness to be pushed to the edge of your comfort zone. All within a safe supportive space!
Curiosity to try new ways of thinking and doing things
Dedication to your goals
Life coaches will never judge, we're here to help you reach success!

How much does it all cost?

You can find my prices on the ‘coaching’ tab on the top of my web page. But please don’t let cost be a factor. The knowledge, skills and tools you learn along the way are invaluable and completely transferrable to any area in your life or goal you may have in the future. We work hard, 8+ hours per day to buy something like new clothes, a new car, a night out. But then things like our mind or our body are normally the most neglected. A quality investment like life coaching is going to make a massive change in your life, it’s an investment in yourself.

Where will they take place?

With everything going on at the moment, we will be using zoom. Get comfy and relaxed, bring a cup of tea and commit to investing in yourself and your future for the 60 minutes.

How much commitment does it take?

You get out of it what you put in.
You set your action points for the week or two ahead, not me. Plan for what you can realistically achieve.
I’ll be there to encourage that extra push. But please don’t stress or overwork yourself. This is meant to be an enjoyable growth experience. If you overshoot on what you can commit to each week it will only end up in you being disheartened, shattering your confidence to make that goal a reality in the process. So small steps and wins along the way = a confident, successful client!

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